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AMD R9 390x Nvidia Alternative is the beast GTX 980

Curious to find what is the AMD R9 390X Nvidia alternative? Here is our view on it! The R9 390x 8GB of DDR5 memory at a core clock of 1500Mhz providing a memory bus of 512 bit featuring DX12 API. The core speed is 1050 at a TDP of 275 Watts. The successor of R9 290X is a great addition to the world of gaming and is set to beat the Nvidia GTX 980. The 8GB memory of the Graphic Card makes it go ahead of GTX 980 with 4 GB of memory. The improved memory bandwidth of 384GB/S makes it go ahead of the GTX 980.

AMD R9 390x Nvidia Alternative


AMD R9 390x Nvidia Alternative – The GTX 980 is quite a tough rival:

Moving towards the GTX 970 featuring 4GB of DDR5 memory with inteferece of 256 Bit is surely beaten by R9 390X with TDP reaching upto 145 Watts.

 Here is a comparison of some Graphic Cards Below:

Radeon R9 390XRadeon R9 290XGeForce GTX 980GeForce GTX 970
Stream Processors2,8162,8162,0481,664
Base Clock1,050MHz1,000MHz1,126MHz1,050MHz
GPU Boost ClockN/AN/A1,266MHz1,250MHz
Memory8GB4GB/8GB4GB3.5GB + 512MB
Memory Data Rate6,000MHz5,000MHz7,010MHz7,010MHz
Memory Bandwidth384GB/s320GB/s224GB/s196GB/s + 28GB/s
Memory Interface512-bit512-bit256-bit224-bit + 32-bit
Fabrication Process28nm28nm28nm28nm

Coming to the prices you can get a GTX 970 in $349.99 and GTX 980 for in $569.99.This is where AMD beats Nvidia. You can get a R9 390X just for $439.99 and R9 290X for $249.99.

Talking about FPS in games R9 390X is performing better than others discussed here but in mostly popular games GTX 980 gives a tough time to R9 390X.

Concluding all you can go for GTX 980 AS best AMD R9 390X nvidia alternative but going for R9 390x will save you some bucks and provide you better gaming experience at 1080P.


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