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Arma 3 Server Browser crashes the internet, Here is how to Fix it!

Arma 3 is not a game, it is kind of a real army simulator featuring huge maps and different weapons and vehicles to provide you best army experience possible on your PC. This is not a game for some regular FPS players, it is for those who seek realism and hardcore fun. It is very famous for its unique gameplay but recently users have been facing really weird issue, Arma 3 Server Browser Crashes the internet! Yeah you heard it right. There is no specific fix for this problem it’s like a hit and trial method which I will give below it might work for you or might not.

Arma 3 Server Browser Crashes the internet

Arma 3 is one of the most popular open-world game which comes into genre of tactical shooter. It is developed by Bohemia Interactive only for Windows PC, game was released way back in 2013 but still it is a tough competitor for recent Action shooting games. It is not like a casual FPS down the sight shooting game there are plenty of controls available just to walk and fire that you can have hard time just firing and walking in early stages of game. The game has no proper tutorial system but it only showcases the new features in the game. When I started to play the game I had to memorize almost all of my keyboard buttons and what they do in different scenarios like walking, driving or flying a helicopter. Game offers a very interesting and fun multiplayer and there are plenty of servers to enjoy online with friends. Playing it with friends really improve the overall gameplay and make you think that you have a real army squad. You’ll communicate, talk and help each other through the gameplay which it makes it really fun.

Multiplayer is the core segment of game but there is a small bug which crashes the internet while browsing servers online, yes this is a really weird issue but trust me, it does crashes the internet! There is a small fix I found online it worked for me, and didn’t worked for many. Just have a good try and let us know if it fixed your problem, or you can share your fix how to resolve the issue in our comment section.

Arma 3 Server Browser crashes the internet Fix:

  • Upgrade your modem/router firmware
  • Set internet connection speed in Steam->settings->downloads to low
  • Open regedit, find this: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam\
  • Then create a new string value registry named as CafeRate, give this registry value of 10000 and keep on reducing it until your problem is solved
  • This problem occurs due to modem/router so if you are facing some problems please change your router!

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