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Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead King Riddles Guide with help of Eagle vision

Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead King Riddles Guide


Assassins Creed Unity is one of the famous game from the series by Ubisoft, today I’ll be telling how to solve Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead King Riddles. The reviews about the game are quite controversial but the gameplay is quite fun and if you somehow managed to beat the game quickly don’t be sad the DLC Dead Kings will carry on your experience of the creed. AC Dead Kings DLC takes Arno to mysterious city of Saint-Denis, What secrets are hidden deep within this dead land, why people fear? And un-reveal the act of Napoleon in troubling scheme. This DLC will add several hours of gameplay with very interesting riddles  which in fact is my topic for today’s guide, so let’s get started how to solve some riddles in this DLC so get ready guys to know dark secrets behind France’s Kings against the threats of new faction known as Merciless Raiders.

Note: You’ll be able to solve riddles and puzzles with the help of eagle vision

Riddle 1: “I – Nativitatis et Mortis”:


First Solution: Go all the way down from the church towards the other end at its base, see near the front door.


Second Solution: Remember the orphanage where Leon lives? It’s at the wall of that orphanage where you mostly meet during main story.


Third Solution: Go to cemetery District at Northeast of the map, there is a graveyard and look for a stump at the east of that graveyard.


Riddle 2: “II – Morbum”:

First Solution: Face west and climb down the tower now face towards north and walk a little, you’d see a barracks guarded by some guard look at the wooden fence facing north.


Second Solution: Turn around, the wall at the west is your observing point with eagle Vision.


Third Solution: face south and keep walking towards the wall located at the end of the alley.


Riddle 3: “IV – Natura”


First Solution: At the base of windmill there are 2, you want the one in north side.


Second Solution: Move to end of map at Southeast near big bonfire on stones.


Third Solution: At the Northwest of the bonfire there is a fountain, go behind the wall near the fountain.


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