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Batman Arkham Knight Airship Glitch

Batman series is one of my favorite game series, the recent title was released few time ago named as Batman Arkham Knight. It offers pretty astounding gameplay mechanics with lots of content to cover plus you get to drive Bat mobile in this Batman Game. There is lot to discover in this game and it applies same for bugs and glitches, there are numerous bugs and glitches in this game which ruined the uniqueness of previous batman titles. Game is being fixed by developers by time, there is a glitch known as Batman Arkham Knight airship glitch which is pretty troublesome to tackle. I’ve been facing this bug since very long time and I have tried different things but none of them actually worked for me.

Batman Arkham Knight airship glitch

Batman Arkham Knight airship glitch:

I was playing the game at Sunday night just to kill some time and have some relaxation after a busy week but this glitch turned my pleasure into nightmare, I was so frustrated when I was trying to resolve it. The glitch is pretty messed up all you have to do is go in an airship during mission, navigating is simple just go to marked destination which is placed on an airship and the messed up part about it is visibility. You can’t simply see anything, when you reach your destination you are literally standing nowhere in air like some magic. The airship becomes visible viewing at certain angles for some time and it disappears occasionally, I’ve tried reinstalling the game and drivers but nothing worked for me. Batman games are one of the most anticipated games just because they feature epic combat style with some cool gadgets and stuff. But Arkham knight proved as a disappointment for many of the gamers out there, if you guys know how to fix it please let me know by commenting down below.

The picture used in this article was taken from a Youtube video, the user is having same problem as mine.


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