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Batman Arkham Knight Glitch Free Roam For PS4 and Xbox One

Batman Arkham Knight is an epic game if we exclude all those bugs and glitches, game offers fantastic combat style along with very cool game mechanics. It would have been my favorite Batman Game but bugs and glitches made it little frustrating and as far I’m concerned, I usually play games at PC. To be honest performance wasn’t so good considering I have rig that can play recent games at 4k with decent fps and graphics settings. Glitches are bad but not always, now you will get a chance to explore Gotham as u wish with Batman Arkham Knight Glitch Free Roam mode!

 batman arkham knight glitch free roam

Batman Arkham Knight Glitch Free Roam, How to do it:

This isn’t something I discovered, it is already available on internet and I don’t know if it has been fixed or not by the developers. This glitch was introduced to world by a youtuber who uploaded a video named as Corner Cover Zipping. This glitch helps the player to free roam Gotham as other characters in Xbox and PS4. It’s time to crawl Dark streets with Batgirl! But there is something more about this glitch which might ruin your experience. The free roam is actually quite useless you will not be able to sneak into buildings nor the enemies will come at you, as a gameplay experience this glitch is useless but I bet you guys still want to roam Gotham with sexy Batgirl. I mean who doesn’t?! This isn’t the first time when glitch is overriding fun in a game, well but I really want from developers to fix this game except this glitch or at least try to make it good in future because Batman isn’t a joke, It takes a lot to say “I’m Batman”.

I don’t know if it works on PC or not, instructions to do this glitch are quite straight forward which you can learn by watching Youtube video. Try it out and let us know what you think about this glitch and what part of it you enjoyed the most?


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