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Battlefield 3 VS Battlefield 4. The Better one?

Battlefield series had been one of the most favorite series of games since 2002. With the release of battlefield 1942, DICE stepped into a new innovation of game development. Since the day when battlefield was released DICE never stepped back. And now we have reached battlefield 4 which the successor of battlefield 3 and battlefield 2 as well. Now the question which arises is that what we have gained and what we have lost so far. Since the release of battlefield 1942. So for the answer, we will compare Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 3 VS Battlefield 4

Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 4 Comparison overview.

If we actually compare battlefield 3 with battlefield 4 it would probably make more sense than comparing other games from different series of games. Because both games resemble each other and we will compare a number of features like graphics, Guns maps etc. And what we are not gonna compare is the story because comparing the story of two different games two different characters didn’t make much sense.

Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 4 Graphics Comparison.


So the first and most important thing are the game graphics. If we compare battlefield 4 vs battlefield 3 in terms of graphics it can be easily observed that the graphics have improved pretty much the specular maps are great the reflections and the lightings in general are pretty much better. And we also have seen an overall improvement. The soldiers are more detailed than bf 3, the guns are very cool and as we move around the environment it feels like you are actually moving in the real world. And when all these things come together in battlefield 4 it does enhanced realism like actual environment. When bf 4 first come out people actually think that the graphics are not much better than bf 3 but overall we have seen that game have become much impressive due to its graphics.

Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 4 Maps Comparison.

After the graphics, one of the biggest improvement in battlefield 4 are the maps .Bf 4 maps have grown much bigger than the battlefield 3 and it is also possible that DICS haven’t reused much of them from battlefield 3. And as the maps grow larger and wider the game also become quite more interesting as the player gets more place for direct assault or sniper kills which really effects the attraction of player to words the game . And another important and noticeable thing is that you can add more maps with expansion Packs. Between all these stuff the most important and noticeable point is that maps are more detailed than the battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 4 Weapons comparison

Weapons had been the most important thing in the game. It will be correct to say that Guns are like the life of an FPS game. And battlefield 3 had a wide range of weapons. But battlefield 4 have much more than a list of all types of the weapons.

Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 4 Conclusion

So we tried to compare both games as much as we could. Now if you want our conclusion from the above text then Battlefield 4 have improved pretty much from the battlefield 3. As new maps came new weapons and also new features have been added to the game. Battlefield 3 is still a good choice but you should get Battlefield 4 in our suggestion. Because it is a new game and new feature still have to be expected.

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