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Battlefield 4 Best Weapons. Here is the list!

Since battlefield 4 is now released and you might also want to confirm that can you run battlefield on your PC by taking a look at battlefield 4 system requirements  if yes, then it is a good news and if not then which parts you should consider updating in order to make you PC able to play battlefield 4. And another important fact is that which edition of the game suits  you best? for this, here is a little guide on which version of the game is best and which suits you best by comparing all the three versions. Today I will write about Battlefield 4 Best Weapons.

Battlefield 4 Best Weapons

Importance of  best weapon selection in Battlefield 4

The most important thing for all first person shooter games like battlefield and call of duty series are the weapons which are considered as the basic and most important part. And in games like there, It will be correct to say that weapons are the backbone of the games. And the selection of weapons can lead you to victory or can lead to defeat. I will give you a list of Battlefield 4 Best Weapons below.

How to unlock best weapons in battlefield 4 ?

like all in battlefield 4 also As we go further in games we can observe that advance weapons keep on unlocking. Battlefield 4 best weapons can also be unlocked by completing the challenges or by adding expansion packs in the game.

So, What are the best weapons in battlefield 4 ?

Like all the previous generation game of battlefield, battlefield 4 also comes with a huge bundle of all types of weapons including rifles, shotguns, pistols, rocket launchers and all other weapons commonly found in first person shooter games . If we count fully battlefield 4 have hundreds of weapons, Actually 215 weapons to be precise for players to enjoy. If you are thinking which one is the best weapon in battlefield 4 then somehow it depends on your choice also as some weapons in the battlefield are short-range while some are long range , some have more accuracy on the others hand others have more firing rate.

Battlefield 4 Best Weapons. Here is the list!

  • For Assault M416 or ACE 23 are good all around weapons. Due to their  moderated fire rate,recoil and decent reloads times.
  • In Carbines Category: The ACE-21 is a great versatile choice and it Works very close to the assault rifle ACE-23. The ACW-R is a powerful choice for close range because of its quick reloading and high ROF. AK 5C is a very  common option for medium-long range because of its flexible recoil.
  • Sniper Rifles: Good all around sniper rifle is the CS-LR4. It has a good muzzle velocity, cycle speed, and bullet drop. It doesn’t have the medium range potential of weapons like the FY-JS, M40A5, or CS5 nor does it have the ridiculous long range potential of the SRR-61, M98B, or JNG-90, but it will perform adequately at most tasks.
  • Pistols:  MP-443 is the really preferable choice , but there aren’t actually any pistol which we can put in the category of bad. The P226, MP-443 and M9 have good damage, ROF and mag sizes. The FN57 and QSZ-92 have higher ROFs and mag caps but less damage. And also The G18 is full auto and the 93R is 3-round burs
  • Shotguns: Pump action shotguns are generally good in terms of range and in a single fire killing criteria. The 870 and UTS-15 both are also a considerable choice.
  • PDWs: These have got confused up with the latest patch. Close range blasters are weapons like the CZ-3A1, MPX, or SR-2. The Midrange category is perfectly fulfilled by the PP-2000 or the CBJ-MS. There aren’t really a replacement of all-rounder PDW IMO, but these still gets the job done.

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