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Battlefield 4 Collectibles Complete Guide

Battlefield have number of collectibles available for players who are really serious about stats and points, you can collect these collectibles in single player campaign mode easily. Here is list of Battlefield 4 collectibles in Mission 1 and 2. Follow the steps given below to unlock weapons and get some dog tags.

Battlefield 4 collectibles in Mission 1 and 2

Battlefield 4 collectibles in Mission 1 and 2:

Mission 1:

  • Dog Tag 1: You need to go upstairs and then rush down a hallway. And open the very first door you will see in right side. A dog tag will be waiting for you hanging on the wall stuck by a knife.
  • M39 EMR: You will drop down in a courtyard. After clearing some enemies find a path on left side leading to second floor. pass through the broken flooring. You will find the weapon right inside a fallen locker there against the wall.
  • Dog Tag 2: After collecting the previous weapon. You will head towards an area where you will have some C4 training with your teammates. Get separated from your teammates and  move towards left of the room you will find a dog tag near windows.
  • MG4: This happens in a huge open area after shooting some enemies the game will proceed and a truck will move towards you. To the right of this truck there will be some concrete structures weapon will be there.
  • CBJ-MS: Go through a tunnel after the open area, the place where you will have ammo resupplies. after the exit move right and move upstairs. you will see a catwalk down to you. The weapon will be on the railing on the catwalk jump it and grab it.
  • Dog Tag 3: The building wall fall and helicopter will crash  hurting Sgt Dunn, don’t help him instead go to cockpit of crashed helicopter and collect the dog tag.
    These were the Battlefield 4 collectibles in mission 1.

 Mission 2:

  • Dog Tag 1: You and your teammates will go through the gate after exiting the vehicle before that go down the alleyway which is on right side and follow the path. Turn left when you can in the alleyway, the dog tag will be waiting for you hanging on the door.
  • Dog Tag 2: Elevator will take you up to the wrong floor, after arriving the correct floor get out and look above the elevator door.
  • QBS-09: There will be an enemy standing against you with his back turned so you can melee. left of this guy there will be a door  enter the room and go in the back of the room a weapon will be there near a locker.
  • RFB: After that helicopter scene. Your character will make his way to back to lobby. This lobby will have have a statue of lion in it. On that statue a weapon will be waiting.
  • Dog Tag 3: This happens in the tank chase scene. You will use a fallen fence as a ramp to proceed further. In this area move backwards in the right side a dog tag will be hanging with the fence.
  • These were the Battlefield 4 collectibles in mission 2.

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  • February 13, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Can you tell me the rest Missions intel location for Battlefield 4. I have mission 1 & 2 . Please tell me the other locations or point me the right direction Thanks Joe


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