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Battlefield 4 local Multiplayer. Details & Information!

Local Multiplayer is a state of the game in which More than one player plays or Player Players with Bots. co-op on the same screen and in same room. This was feature mostly in Old gen games. Local multiplayer is also called offline multiplayer in some ways. Today I will write about Battlefield 4 local Multiplayer.

Battlefield 4 local Multiplayer

Battlefield 4 local Multiplayer:

Below I will write about Difference between local multiplayer and online multiplayer and Battlefield 4 local multiplayer.

 The Difference between local multiplayer and online multiplayer?

In Local multiplayer, all player’s are playing co-op in the same room and on the screen while In online multiplayer you experience whole new feature like an entirely different map, guns and you can fight with the players from the whole world.

Short history of Battlefield Local multiplayer

When battlefield 1942 was released it was the first game of battlefield series and was based on the story of ww1 and gamers were hoping to see a brand new style of game and the game fulfilled their expectations. This game had a local multiplayer state. That game was a great first person shooter game and took  first person shooter games to whole new level.

Does Battlefield 4 have a local multiplayer?

This feature is mostly seen in old generation games like Tekken series and other games but If you ask that does battlefield 4 local multiplayer exists? It will be a stupid question as the answer is clearly “No” not just that you can play in online multiplayer if you are bored from storey mode or campaign. For local multiplayer, you can head to words call of duty 4 or  old Battlefield 1942. But we think battlefield 4 should have a local multiplayer because of those points:-

  • Local multiplayer is also for those who do not play online multiplayer.
  • Players Can practice for multiplayer in this mode.
  • This will also help those who don’t have an internet connection.( Yes, many of these people still exist)

Putting Battlefield 4 local Multiplayer Aside the battlefield 4 Online multiplayer can also be pretty much interesting. You can play with your friends in multiplayer. Online Multiplayer Features a number of guns different than the campaign mode and also Special and Wide maps which can make your gameplay better than awesome. Below is bit detail of Battlefield 4 online multiplayer Maps and other stuff.

Battlefield 4 Online Multiplayer Maps

Battlefield 4 a very good FPS game with a much better Multiplayer part is being shipped with a total of 10 multiplayer maps. The maps are quite interesting and also very vast. However bu paying a good amount from your pocket you can also get  more maps as DLC’s. 5 Maps are available as DLC’c. Each DLC map has a number of sub-maps that you can use as you like. Some DLC maps are BF 3 maps remastered though but give a good time to the player.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer guns

Guns can be considered pretty much as “Life” the life of battlefield game series.Here is our little Guide On selection of guns, which can pretty much helpful in selecting the right weapons for the right job.

If you also think there should be a battlefield 4 local multiplayer then, Do let us know in comments.


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