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Battlefield 4 Missions List. Check it out Here!

Battlefield 4 is a world class FPS game with a lot of cool stuff to amuse the gamers. Today I will write about Battlefield 4 Missions and some detail about them.

battlefield 4 missions

Battlefield 4 Campaign Length?

Battlefield 4 campaign is just 7 missions long and it will take you about 4 to 5 hours to complete it. The game is quite interesting as you go on several missions and escape from enemy lands after being captured and also tortured. Below is a list of Battlefield 4 Missions and some detail about them as well.

Battlefield 4 Missions List :

1. Baku

Battlefield 4 first mission is Baku where you are given the control of the game. You are stuck in a car and in order to escape you will have to shoot out the windows. About 13 minutes later you are given the control again and you find yourself in a hallway. Where you are assigned to reach the Safehouse. During a talk with your friends, you are told that some enemy recruits are coming in hot from the north. Off course, you will have to kill them in order to escape and reach the extraction point. After being extracted you move on to the next mission.

2. Shanghai

At the start of the mission, the crew is talking about the enemy which is pissed of due the assassination of a Guy named Jin Jie and talked of something that will cause some serious war. Now the job assigned is to pull out all the VIPs from the Zhi You tower safely. The commander also instructs not to use weapons unless absolutely necessary. The mission is to rescue some VIP’s so there is no room for mistakes. The crew makes his way to the tower in a car wishing each other best of luck.

3. South China Sea

The mission starts as the crew sleep and suddenly Marine wakes up after having a Bad dream and his teammate wonders how Marine even managed to sleep after a long fight and killing Enemy Troops. Marine also tells his teammate about how much hot it is in here. Actually, they are probably sleeping in a Ship. The next task now is to find Irish. After finding Irish you would have to meet up Garrison. But before you could even meet Garrison, the alarm starts ringing and you find a Blasted ship near the Ship you are riding.

4. Singapore

The mission starts in your ship where the current war situated is being discussed. The Intel that was collected in the previous mission opened up a disastrous news that their Pacific Central Command is destroyed and wiped up y a Chinese missile. The situation now is so intense that Garrison is sending Irish with the crew. The plan is to rain missiles when any of the sent Crew’s lights the signal at the place to be bombarded. They will have 30 seconds to clear out the area and save themselves.

5. Kunlun Mountains

This mission also starts on the ship where the doctor is explaining the difficulties that are being faced by them after the assault. 22 of the marines were killed. They don’t have enough resources to cure for the marines injured. Sergeant Recker is captured and is being investigated for the mission details he was on. He is also being tortured to get intel about his mission. He is captured but with the help of another soldier(who is also captured) named DIMA they are planning to escape.

6. Tashgar

The crew barely managed to escape and the crew is stuck in a snow fall. They are tired and feeling so much cold that they even rather though they would die here. But they managed and are now on a car but they have no food or water and search for the Airbase is underway by the crew. Hanna tells Irish about her past that her parents were murdered but rather than killing her, the murderer left her so she could suffer the pain. Suddenly they happen to see an enemy tank.

7. Suez

The last mission of the Offline campaign starts in an Airplane where Hanna and Irish jump from the plane for their mission. The ending is quite decent, though. You can  probably choose between any of the 3 given options either you let Irish die or Hanna or let the mission fail.

So that was all on Battlefield 4 Missions.
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