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Battlefield 4 Rating. Worth Buying?

I really loved playing countless hours of Battlefield 3 multiplayer with friends and the time it came out single player campaign mode was also the one of the best thing I played for a very long time. After period of time EA officially launched Battlefield 4 and I was very excited to get my hands dirty with some 64 v 64 online conquest. Game was decent and I still play it sometimes, you can watch Battlefield 4 rating from some online experts at the very end of this article. Today I’m going to write about Battlefield 4 rating.

Battlefield 4 Rating

More About The Game:

like every other FPS game it have a good HUD showing map, weapons and objectives. The campaign offers a fair amount of gameplay with all those action stuff for which Battlefield got the fame. Story is average, Graphics are mind blowing and beautiful. Most importantly it is hell of a fun to sit back relax on a couch and playing it on weekend. But this sitting back relax does not imply on multiplayer mode because you need to be very sharp and active to dominate the opponent team. Game have vast range or weapons and customization with basic soldier classes and offers number of multiplayer modes featuring up to 64 vs 64 battles. Game have different base maps and few DLC maps which keeps on coming. Moral of the story game you must play this game before you die.

 More About Multiplayer:

Battlefield 4 multiplayer have 3 major factions you can play in which are U.S, Russia and China. Commander Mode from Battlefield 2142 is also re-introduced in the multiplayer. By this mode you can view and play the game like a RTS giving orders and doing stuff. Gameplay also have a new levolution mechanic which makes the game more epic turning skyscraper dust and trapping tanks with support tower is real fun to watch and play. A spectator mode which allows players to spectate the game in 1st person, 3rd person and free camera view. There are some new vehicles also to dominate the battlefield in a fun way. New adaptive camos which change with active map.

Battlefield 4 Rating:

  • IGN = 8.5/10
  • Metacritic = 85%
  • Common Sense Media = 4/5
  • Gamespot = 8/10

My very personal rating = 8/10


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