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Battlefield 4 Split Screen. Is it possible?

Split screen is a feature found in old gen games mostly. This feature allows a single PC/Console to give two different displays. This feature is used to play local multiplayer. Today I will write about Battlefield 4 Split Screen.

Battlefield 4 Split Screen

Which Games have split screen feature?

This feature was seen in old gen racing or shooting games for supporting people who wanted to play together or local multiplayer. But COD 4 and Black ops 2 till support this feature.

Does BF 4 have split screen feature?

Battlefield 4 is a 1-Player game which does not have any local multiplayer. So the simple answer on Battlefield 4 Split Screen is  “No”. Battlefield 4 does not have battlefield 4 split screen feature and you can only play one person per PC/Console. And the total number of player in online multiplayer is 64. And this limit can not exceed.

Should Battlefield 4 split screen feature be added ?

According to our suggestion, DICE should have added this feature in its game due to a number of reasons. Online multiplayer is very great and amusing feature but if you have some people at your place and you just one to play battlefield 4 together then you will need one platform for each person to play. And the worst case scenario is that you can not play cross-platform so you all are gonna need the same platform for all of them to play which is very ridiculous. Additionally, the People without internet can also enjoy multiplayer with this feature.

DICE explained why Battlefield 3 do not have a split screen?

In an interview with IGN, DICE’s Creative Director Lars Gustavsson answered the question why battlefield 3 do not have Split screen multiplayer?

When it was asked he replied:-

“Overall I would say I love splitscreen,” he admitted. “Maybe at some point we’ll do it but we have a new engine, and usually the best recipe for ruining a project is trying to do everything. We’d rather deliver a really good gaming experience and then look forward. I think, for example, our co-op is really solid so it doesn’t feel like it’s missing the split-screen and therefore I think that we’re coming out with a really strong game, and that’s number one. Then we can look down the road and see what’s up next.”

Did any battlefield game had split screen?

The answer sadly no. DICE never added this feature in any single game of battlefield series since battlefield 1942. And it is also expected that it’s upcoming battlefield 1 will also do not have this particular feature. But on the other side  cod 4 had up to 4 split screens. So we can expect from Activision that they will include this feature in

Split screen in Call of Duty ! A huge advantage over the battlefield?

COD 4 had up to 4 split screens.  So we can expect from Activision that they will include this feature in its upcoming game. Also, it will give Call of duty an advantage over the upcoming battlefield 1.

Will battlefield 4 cross play overcome the need of local multiplayer?

Battlefield 4 Online multiplayer is now going to become more fun because PS4 and Xbox Crossplay might release. With which player can play multiplayer on PS4 and Xbox one Different platform together. This feature is now active one a number of games and is expected to come in other games as well.

This feature will somehow overcome the missing local multiplayer but can not make us forget this awesome feature.

So that was all on Battlefield 4 Split Screen. If you have any queries Do let us know in comment section below!

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