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Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield Hardline, Comparison

Battlefield series is one of the best fps game series till now. And the game series reached its height with the release of battlefield 3. And sine then DICE never stepped back and kept on releasing new games of this series. And in this process, DICE released battlefield 4 which is the successor battlefield 3. This game was supposed to replace battlefield 3 but it looked like that after the release of battlefield 4, still, there were people who were loyal to battlefield 3. So the question came on the desk that, Is battlefield 3 still better than better than bf4? So we provided an answer here.Today I will write about Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield Hardline, Comparison.

Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield Hardline, The Better one for you?

Battlefield 4 was not the only game which struggled with this consequence but today, Mostly games face these hashes. So as Battlefield hardline. The battlefield hardline is the successor of battlefield 4 and now the question arises is battlefield 4 really better than hardline in a war of Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield Hardline?


We saw huge changes from battlefield 4 to hardline. So I will begin with weapons. Because weapons are the most important things in FPS games. So the weapons in battlefield  hardline have improved pretty much and most importantly their fire range and their damage. In battlefield 4 a lot of weapons had a less large range which was annoying but hardline weapons have improved this. The second best feature is their damage as mentioned earlier. Like if in battlefield 4 you had to take  six shots to get rid of the enemy, you can do it by just 4 shots in battlefield hardline.

Are the graphics, pretty much the same?

Sorry to say but, if we compare the improvement in graphics in battlefield 3 to 4 they improved a lot the environment became more realistic. But if we see the evolution in graphics from bf 4 to hardline, There is nothing but disappointment.The graphics haven’t really flourished as much as from bf 3 to 4, but still, a little improvement is seen at some specific points. And the game has become more realistic somehow.

Some little facts that have made battlefield Hardline much better than battlefield 4

After some major factors like graphics, weapons, and maps, there are some small factors that have made battlefield hardline much better than battlefield 4. Literally small facts effect game and user experience more than some of the big factors.So let’s get into it.

1.Elevation indicator on mini map

In battlefield 4 or previous games of the series all player were shown on the map and there was nothing about elevation like if you were playing on a map with a double story building there is no indication on the mini map to show you whether some is on top or below you. But in hardline it is very cool that as the player goes up their indicator size shrinks. With this, you can support the snipers on the roof as well.


In this field, Battlefield hardline is way better than battlefield 4, the damage,and the grenade swamp and most importantly the grenade carrying.

3.The Changed unlocked system

The best thing is that Battlefield Hardline has replaced the tiered unlock system with money unlocked system. Meaning that you did not have to buy a bunch of useless guns to unlock your favorite gun but rather you will just save some money in Game and but attachments or complete weapons in the game.

4.Any weapon for any class

This point is also related to money means if you in Assult class but you want a sniper? Then you don’t to be professional in this class. Just buy it with your money.Which is a very good feature.

Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield Hardline,The conclusion

Both games are best in their Places. I am not declaring one good or other bad. I gave my vision now its up to you to tell us your opinion in comments.

That was all on Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield Hardline.


Ghulam Sabar Hussain Ijaz

Despite being lawyer and a government employer Sabar has a great interest in technology and Gaming. He doesn’t care about which platform he is using unless it disturbs his gaming.

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