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Which is the Bf4 Best Carbine – 2016?

Battlefield 4 is out for a while now and a lot of people still play it and love it. This game was adopted by the gaming community as it was a lot better than old battlefield 3. And there are many reviews available on best weapons in the game. Like this one. But the question is that are these all reviews still worth reading and useful in 2016? As many patches have arrived. In all those 4 years A number of the update are also released. Today I’ll write about Bf4 Best Carbine.

Bf4 Best Carbine

Bf4 Best Carbine?

So to find out that which are the Bf4 best carbine after all patches and updates we had to use all of them again and from being and I was truly surprising as we saw a lot of weapons have changed their performance. So I will be discussing some carbines and not all as some of does not full fill the conditions or their reload time is very slow to make them a versatile weapon.

  • M4
  • AK 5C
  • G36C
  • AKS-74U
  • SCAR-H
  • SG553
  • G53
  • Mx4 Storm
  • A-91
  • ACW-R
  • ACE 21 CQB
  • ACE 52 CQB
  • AKU-12
  • TYPE-95B-1
  • MTAR-21
  • Groza-1

The carbines which I will include are MTAR-21 , ACW-R, SG553 , ACE 21 CQB , Ac 52 CQB and AK 5C while guns I will be ignoring are A 91, you might disagree with me on that because its reload time is a bit long and its accuracy just make put it out of the list. The m4 will also not be on the list just because its a burst fire weapon and Groza 1 due to its servers close quarter limitations.

The AK 5C is an incredible weapon but no there aren’t any changes seen in it since the first release. Although it’s an incredible weapon but still its damage per fire and fire rate is lacking which is completely unacceptable.

The ACE 52 CQB will be our next weapon. Its pretty awesome due to its high damage per shot and 25 bullet capacity while each bullet causes 33 damage. The cons of this weapon is it’s high recoil nad less range and low rate of fire which makes it not good anyway.

The Stop is ACE 21 CQB and an amazing thing is that is very closely resembling to the assault rifle ACE 23. And just like the ACE 23, ACE 12 CQB also have a 35 round magazine and 770 RAM rate of fire. This is pretty much adaptable and its 2.03 second reload also make it one of the best ones. But it suffers from its muzzle velocity as most of the carbines.


The Carbine SG 553 is one of the best since bf3 due o its overall performance and it a very good mid-ranged weapon.

The is the ammo eater carbine MTAR-21 which is good mid range weapon but particularly not the best.

Bf4 Best Carbine? The conclusion!

So each of them has pros and cons so the best rifle which is left is ACW-R and is very good in its field. This gun shoots 880 rounds per minute it has less recoil and faster reload time of 1.83 seconds which is its best part. This good in mid range and great in close quarters.


Ghulam Sabar Hussain Ijaz

Despite being lawyer and a government employer Sabar has a great interest in technology and Gaming. He doesn’t care about which platform he is using unless it disturbs his gaming.

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