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Bios Has Corrupted HW-PMU resources, does this affect performance?

Many users using HP server tackled and error message which is something like “ Bios Has Corrupted HW-PMU resources ”, simple reading of this text will make many users go crazy because its seems something which is not very good or many might wonder that this particular problem may be decreasing my performance or can cause serious harm. Well there is a whole another story behind this error I’m not really sure what to conclude but let us take a look what I’ve found online while surfing for this problem.

Bios Has Corrupted HW-PMU resources


Bios Has Corrupted HW-PMU resources:

If you are one of those users who have been trying to install CentOS 7 on HP server and you received this error message, don’t go crazy and shouting just relax because this isn’t something serious to worry about. Basically you are not the only person in universe facing this error, I’ve googled a lot and there are more than 48 thousand result somehow relating to this topic and all cases have different stories. But all I concluded is that there is no specific fix for it according to HP this error links to processor Power and Utilization Monitoring which must be disabled to bypass this issue. Different users have suggested various thing online and it worked for some and failed for others, in simple words it’s a hit and trial situation therefore I won’t be listing all the fixes here because it may cause harm. But I’ll only tell the way how to disable Processor Power and Utilization Monitoring. Many servers are affected by this issue and this is a short list of affected servers:

  • ProLiant BL680 G7
  • ProLiant BL620 G7
  • ProLiant DL580 G7
  • All ProLiant Gen8 Servers

How To Fix It:


  1. Enter Bios  press F9 while booting
  2. Press CTRL and “A” key together which will un-hide Service Option
  3. Now select service options and disable power and utilization monitoring
  4. At the end press F10 to save and reboot

Wait! Yeah I almost forgot this error does not decrease performance nor it causes harm I just don’t want to dig into technical details, just trust me you are fine.


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