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How To Complete Batman Origins Bane Electric Doors Mission ?

With no doubt Batman Origins is one of my all-time favorite game for so many reasons and one of the main reason is tactical thinking and beating shit out of bad people with style. The game offers a very unique gameplay which lacks in most of the modern games, you have all the cool gadgets and fighting skill you ever wanted in your childhood for real. If this isn’t the time to say “I’m Batman” then I don’t know when it is! Every mission have variety of things and techniques or combat you need to understand in order to complete the mission. You’ll get to fight Bane for second time when it becomes really hard sometime if you don’t know how to actually beat him, Today I’ll write down the way how to complete Batman Origins Bane Electric Doors Mission.

 Batman Origins Bane Electric Doors

Batman Origins Bane Electric Doors Mission Guide:

This is the occasion when Bane is in Black Gate Prison, this second battle with bane is pretty much same like the previous fight but it have minor changes. Bane will charge towards you like 4-5 times and he will do a ground smash too right after every charge keep dodging the charge. Right after ground smash run towards him and cape stun him 3 times and hit him fast. Do this several times, it will force him to transform into his real form. Now it’s time for a little hide n seek, sneak around the bane and try to get on his back use different in room things to shock him and find appropriate time to beat him. There are also electrified doors present in the room, those come really handy fighting Bane. Stand in front of these doors and make him charge towards you and at the right time jump away this way you’ll get much time to beat him up real bad. After some beat-downs his jammer will come on, now again sneak from him and find an appropriate time to land some strikes again, at the end use your batclaw and that’s all.


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