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Corsair H100 CPU cooler Mod A Quick look

There are plenty of CPU cooler available in market having variety of specifications and features, you can buy from any brand you want. If you are looking for a liquid cooling having all in one feature look no further the Corsair H100 CPU cooler mod will back you up, providing all in one cooling system for your gaming rig. Now you can play games for long period of time without thinking about temperature. The Corsair H100 cooler will not only regulate your internal temperature, it offers vast customization so you can make your PC beast looking gaming Rig.

Corsair H100 CPU cooler mod

Corsair H100 CPU cooler Mod specifications:

  • There is a digital fan controller button to select 3 different modes which are Quiet, Performance or balanced.
  • Made compatible for Corsair Link Digital which allows you to connect your H100 with Corsair Link Commander from it you can control number of things including pump speed, coolant temperature and fan speed which will enable you to create your very personal cooling profile.
  • The pump and cold plate have a push button which can be used to control cooling performance by adjusting fan speed according to your requirements and there is a white LED display which will show what profile is being used at the moment.
  • It features 240mm radiator and two 120mm fans which can be installed almost on every casing plus there are mounting brackets which will let you mount the cooler on almost every CPU socket, now you can play at low temps in compact and quite state.
  • Installation is very easy and there is no need to invest after every month or two because it tubes are prefilled and thermal compound is also pre applied so you never have to refill the tubes after certain period of time.
  • The latest cooling technology is used in this all in one cooler which is extremely efficient and easy to manage


Intel LGA 775, 1155, 1156, 1366 and 2011

AMD sockets AM2 and AM3

You will need a case featuring two 120mm fans mount and 15mm spacing for the 240mm radiator


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