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Dark Souls III Prestige Edition for PS4 Review

The word Dark Souls haunt almost every RPG genre lovers. Few days back Namco once again rolled out the new series of Pain and anger, yes you are right Dark Souls 3 is out to play and it is as punishing and rewarding like older series. Fans are already buying this game in a rush, despite of its frustrating nature still people love to play this epic hardcore RPG. Namco also released a special edition of the game and today I’ll summarize Dark Souls III Prestige Edition for PS4 Review.

Dark Souls III Prestige Edition for PS4 Review


Dark Souls III Prestige Edition for PS4 Review:

This special Prestige Edition offers bundle of things for collectors which include an exclusive Lord of Cinder figurine having size of 40cm there is also another figurine of Red Knight having height of 25cm. Collection does not ends here this prestige Edition also have official soundtrack CD, 3 iron-on patches and a game map drawn on piece of cloth and there is an artbook of Dark Souls Trilogy hardcover. Sounds great? But price might change your mind it’s tagged with price label of 299.99 pounds the price is bit overwhelming for some audience but despite of that players around the world bought this prestige edition in fairly quick speed as Namco reported all packages of Prestige Editions were sold within 2 hours which is quite surprising. But later on Dark Souls III prestige edition came back to stock for PC and Xbox you can buy it through Amazon.

Dark Souls series is all about repetition, which consists of never ending cycles of death, revival and change of plans with excellent RPG elements, some users find it really fun and others become frustrated and swear like hell. Decision is up to you, if you really are a Hardcore gameplay fan having interest in RPG’s you really should play the game and if you are a super fan buy the prestige edition.



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