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Why Dice ignored Science fiction in Battlefield 1?

After the closed Alpha Battlefield 1 seems to be liking a Grand beat for Dice. Unlike the upcoming Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, which is set in the new modern era, Battlefield 1 is actually set a century behind in World War 1. Unlike new games like Overwatch and Upcoming Watch Dogs 2. That are going to have a lot of science fiction and modern stuff, battlefield is on world war 1 which is actually kind of weird. So I decided to share my thoughts on why there is no Science fiction in Battlefield 1.

science fiction in battlefield 1

No Science fiction in Battlefield 1?

Whenever we open a history book and read about word war 1 FPS lovers surely wonder what type of weapons were used in World War 1. We will get the answer in Battlefield 1. It will allow us to experience the situations there. The deadly old weapons that are antiques now used in the war. Surely Dice has to put a lot of research on the World War 1 to put in the game. The point here is that both the army’s fighting in World War 1 were greedy. So taking one’s side was also a difficult decision. There must have been put a lot of effort from a good team to read novels, find tales and compiling the story and plot.

These days we find a lot of weapons not even known in world war 1. But most of the weapons used in World war 1 are unknown to us. It is a little awkward for FPS lovers to hear about BF 1 set in World War 1 as of new Call of Duty contains Breath Taking Modern stuff. But knowing about history and getting to know about World War 1 is also going to be cool. So it is going to be a quality experience playing Battlefield 1. As it was by playing countless hours in Battlefield 4 and Hardline.
That was all on science fiction in battlefield 1. Do let me know yours thoughts in the comment section below.


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