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Dota 2 Character Art Guide PDF Download

Dota 2 is a drug, it has been 4 years playing Dota but still I enjoy every second of it because it is simply not a game it is life. I’m pretty sure every gamer out there knows what is Dota 2 all about, this game is a masterpiece and once you are in I don’t think there is a way out. Along with gameplay you can also create items for your favorite heroes in game and if you are lucky enough it will be featured in community store and people will buy them for real money. But character Art is not that simple you may need to learn lots of things first, there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet which will increase your chance to create epic sets for in game Heroes. Today I’ll share a Dota 2 Character Art Guide PDF download link below which will teach you many things from basic to bit advance in your journey of creating great Character Art.

Dota 2 Character Art Guide PDF

More About Dota 2:

Dota 2 is a great 5v5 MOBA game and it is the most popular title on steam, the concept is really simple you have to pick heroes from a large picking pool and your enemy team does the same. You can pick any hero you want but it’s not that simple you may want to counter opponent team with appropriate heroes selection and good strategy. Every decision you make in this game is very crucial for the victory. The game starts at spawn side which is known as fountain, you’ll get some starting money to buy some items for a good start. There are three lanes, top, mid and bottom having three towers and 2 barracks at tier 3 at the mid of your base there lies an ancient. Your main objective is to defend this Ancient from enemy team and Enemies have also same architecture and same objective. There is much more which I can’t even describe in a single article, But I must say this game is not a regular strategy MOBA game, it’s a whole new universe so if you really like strategy games please download it and play it. Without any doubt it is my most favorite game!

Now for the download link click below:

Click Here(Dropbox)


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