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Grand Theft Auto V Backseat Driver Trophies. How to get them?

Grand theft auto is one of the best game you might ever play which features overwhelming amount of content and it’s too fun that you might even forget real life , this third person action shooting adventure game is a jewel in gaming Industry. GTA V also have trophies system in which player gets a shiny thingy for a task or action, these puzzles and activities are so fun to do. Today I’ll be telling you about Grand Theft Auto V Backseat Driver Trophies.

Grand Theft Auto V Backseat Driver Trophies

What are these Grand Theft Auto V Backseat Driver Trophies ?

Answer to this trophy is pretty simple and yeah as you can read the main title “grand theft auto v backseat driver trophies” it’s all about driving but there might be a question that what exactly backseat driver means? Well in this scenario all you have to do is sit back relax in a car and give instruction to front driver how to drive more specifically the driver won’t get direction on local map, you will work as their GPS navigation system, if you are on console tell the player by D-pad and In PC whatever controls you have configured.

This trophy is really fun to achieve and if you don’t trust other drivers play it with your friend online and unleash the backseat driving madness and get all checkpoints in the race, I really suggest you guys to play this awesome race and get your trophy.

How To Get Grand Theft Auto V Backseat Driver Trophies:

  1. Get any land vehicle except bike and race to rally.
  2. Set your driver
  3. Start the race sitting backseat in vehicle and your driver friend at front.
  4. Now give directions to your driver, in precaution you can give direction twice or more whatever make you guys comfortable.
  5. Ask our driver friend to quit the session, making you the only sitting in vehicle.
  6. By the end of race a message will show up saying “Winner” after that backseat driver trophy will be added to your achievements.

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