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GTX 980 Coil Whine Fix | Here is how to do it!

Gtx 980 a very famous Graphic’s Card and  a member of GTX 900 series released on September 18, 2014 with VRam of 4gb DDR5 and powered by Maxwell Architecture Reaching TDP of 165w and Supporting DX 12 API with Feature Level 12_1.So today we will discuss solution of GTX 980 coil whine and some related GPU’s.

GTX 980 Coil Whine

GTX 980 Coil whine Fixed?

One of the most common misunderstanding is that coil whine can harm your PC but it cannot harm the other hardware. It’s not a manufacturing fault but it’s just caused by the leakage in capacitors due high and unbalanced voltage due to high frame rates.

In Coil Whine gpu and other hardware makes very irritating and crazy noise. Usually it is caused when your graphics card gives very very high frame rates over your monitor refresh rate.

Coil whine is very serious issue for the people with high end gaming PC’s. You may be Familiar with this problem.The Main cause of coil wine is probably you GPU. Now a days some high-end gpu’s like GTX 970/980 have this problem even the GTX 980 ti is suffering from this fever.

AMD is quite better in case of coil wine but due AMD heating problem this goes out of competition and Replacing your hardware is also very bad idea so what should we do with GTX 980 Coil whine problem.

A proper solution if you have 60+ frame rates will be turning on v-sync which will limit you frame rates over the refresh rate.Limiting your frame with software like afterburner can also fix this.

After this If you are not getting enough fps to limit the solution can be using a silicon paste used on Power Suply to reduce the noise, but it could remove the warranty of your graphic card.

If you are planning to replace your hardwhere or upgrade to gtx 970/980, In order to overcome it you should try chosing the best subvender for gtx 980 or otherwise you will get an expensive junk.



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