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Hitman Absolution a personal contract challenges guide

I’ve already written how to complete challenges during different missions in Hitman Absolution, It is a good game and offers vast amount techniques and tactics to complete a mission. In-mission challenges makes it even more fun, there is a mission named “A Personal Contract” it have variety of challenges and it is pretty fun to complete them. Today I’ll write down how to actually meet requirements of some challenges in this Hitman Absolution a personal contract challenges guide.

Hitman Absolution a personal contract challenges

Hitman Absolution a personal contract challenges guide:

  • Chameleon: to complete this challenge you must use all disguises available in mission.
  • Evidence Collector: you will have to find all evidences in the mission, first evidence is present in the security room in the cliff stage. The other evidence is located on a table in mansion’s ground floor.
  • Infiltrator: use disguises or any method but the objective is to stay un-detected throughout the whole mission to complete this challenge.
  • Suit-Only: to complete this objective you must not use any disguise, stay in the stock agent-47 outfit to complete this challenge.
  • Modern-Art: there is a sculpture in the garden, wait for guard to come near then shoot the bottom section of sculpture. It will break down and kill the guard which will accomplish the challenge.
  • Geronimo: this one is pretty simple, just throw an enemy out of the window to complete this challenge that’s it.
  • Extra-Spice: this one is my favorite, get sleeping pills from a bathroom located in ground floor of mansion and put it in the pot where chef is cooking. Now wait for chef to taste the soup, once he tastes it he will go to sleep.
  • Damn-Good-Coffee: you will have to put those sleeping pills in a coffee mug placed in a bar, Head of security will drink it and fall asleep which will complete the challenge.

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