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Hitman Absolution Chinatown Evidence Challenges guide

Hitman Absolution is a great action shooting game which revolves around an assassins named Agent 47, his objectives throughout the game are simple like assassinating a target or infiltrating enemy camps. The game has very interactive playstyle and packs dozen of features in it, things get even more interesting when you want to comlete mission challenges along with main storyline. One of the very mainstream mission for nice challenges is King of Chinatown, I’ll write down some methods how to complete challenges in this Hitman Absolution Chinatown Evidence Challenges guide.

Hitman Absolution Chinatown Evidence
Hitman Absolution Chinatown Evidence Challenges Guide:

• Chameleon: To complete this challenge you have to wear all four disguises which were present in second mission of game
• Evidence Collector: There is an evidence placed in the area with fence, this is the place where king of Chinatown stays, collect the evidence to complete the challenge.
• Infiltrator: you need to kill king of Chinatown without getting spotted to complete this challenge.
• Suit Only: You need to kill king of Chinatown without using any disguise to complete this challenge.
• Kaboom: Blow up King of Chinatown with explosives to complete this challenge.
• A killing View: you must observe King of Chinatown making a deal with drug dealer while standing near the shutter.
• Controlled Detonation: This one is fun, trigger car alarm in which king of Chinatown is seated he will come out near barrels, shoot the barrels which will explode and your objective will be completed.
• Man Down: Kill that stupid king of Chinatown by throwing him into a hole.
• Drop Dead: Kill the king of Chinatown by dropping suspended cargo on him and make it look like an accident to complete this challenge.
• Two for the price of one: This one is bit exciting for sniper lovers because you’ll get a chance to kil drug dealer and king both at the same time with one shot from a sniper rifle.
• Clean Sweep: Gather the evidence and exit staying anonymous.


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