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Intel Core i7 5960X transistor count is over 2 billion

Processor is the brain of computer and this brain getting stronger and wiser every year, a long ago Pentium 4 was considered as too powerful but in present days even our low end smart phones have better CPU than it. It is the era of Intel’s core “i” series and there are plenty of fast and powerful CPUs available in market, recently they launched Intel Core i7 5960X Extreme edition which is considered as a miracle in world of computing its lazing fast speed and specifications are enough to make you a fan more along with architectural Intel Core i7 5960X transistor count has also increased in a very huge amount. Take a closer look at i7 5960X Extreme Edition down below.

Intel Core i7 5960X transistor count


Intel Core i7 5960X transistor count and a closer look:

X99 is a successor of X79 chipset which have socket 201 v3 and it’s based on Intel’s Haswell architecture, i7 5960X is a top notch chip for Haswell platform and it’s based on 22nm process. X99 is using different socket that’s why predecessors are not compatible with it, i7 4960X can be considered as its previous version which had 1.86 billion transistors packed in it but this latest Haswell based chip have 2.6 billion transistors featuring tri-gate 3-D 22nm design along with that its dimensions have also changed and now its sized dimensioned as 15.0mm x 17.1mm x 20.2mm having an attached heat spreader. This CPU have 8-cores and it supports upto 16 threads by Intel’s hyper threading technology and 20mb of Intel’s smart cache can be used by its cores. Intel also made an improvement by making it compatible with DDR4 RAM featuring 2133MHz speed plus you can overclock the clock speeds and reach its true potential. It can support up-to 64 gigs of ram clocked at 2800MHz or more. The stock clock speed of new 5960X is 3.0GHz but it boosts up-to 3.5GHz thanks to Intel’s turbo boost 2 technology 4960X used 130W TDP but this chip uses 140W TDP which is not bad if we talk about additional 2 cores, speed and fact that Extreme Edition is unlocked and can benefit from Multiplier. This is one of the best CPU by Intel featuring blazing fast speed, reliability and good price tag.


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