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Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot is back

There are many types of people and among them overclockers are most enthusiastic about squeezing last bit of performance out of the hardware. Some people are satisfied with stock speeds and there are some who try to push every last MHz out. But there is a little problem in overclocking, we have to manage temperatures for optimal performance and making sure the hardware don’t dies this is where Cooling Pots come in to play. Good news for over clockers F1EE is back with enhanced features and with the new name Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot.

Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot

What is Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot:

Overclocking is not that simple as you think it requires great skills to attain extreme speeds within safe cool limits of heat, normal people use air cooling, some uses water cooling. There are some people who don’t consider water cooling enough that’s why they go for something more extreme like cooling pots.

Cooling pots are kind of heatsinks which can be used with dry ice, acetone and liquid nitrogen to attain sub-zero temperatures while pushing limits of the hardware, basically it comes to play when you are talking about benchmarking because every single second or score matters in this scenario. Traditional air and water cooling does not satisfy overclockers that’s why they go for something more extreme.

Kingpin Overclockers are well known for their ability to overclock beyond limit and they have been using their talent and craft to provide excellent tools for overclocking F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot is one of them. It is an enhanced and better looking version of F1EE, Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark cooling pot is made up of copper and have good amount of mass, its exterior is plated with nickel that’s why it is known as Dark cooling pot, it have F1 emblem on it which reminds of F1EE.

Overclocking is an excellent way to squeeze out every last MHz from your aging GPU and it is key way to score high marks in benchmarking, If you are not satisfied with stock cooling capability of your hardware try this cooling pot out I’m pretty sure you would be amazed how good it works when you fill it up with liquid nitrogen.


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