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Kingpin Overclocker Made a New Record with Titans

Graphic cards are most important for a gaming enthusiast and when it comes to hardcore gaming overclocking has been always an active part, it helps an aging GPU to survive for new gen games. You can also push limits of latest flagships to do wonders in benchmarks and most importantly to show off in leaderboards the word “Kingpin” Is most popular name in world of overclocking  he has been doing this since long time and once again Kingpin Overclocker sets a new world record using GTX Titan Quad SLI.

Kingpin Overclocker

Kingpin Overclocker makes his way to the top with Titans:

“Vince Lucido” also famous by name KINGPIN is a legend in overclocking reign and he has once again shocked the world by pushing the limits of GTX Titan in quad sli to its extreme thanks to LN2 overclocking! Our legend was able to push the core clock to 1750MHz and memory clock to 1707Mhz using a lonely Titan and by his own magical ways he was able to achieve score of P20990 in 3DMark 11 using performance preset and he also was able to achieve 7046 in 3DMark Fire Strike using Extreme preset. The awesomeness continues when he configured another EVGA Titan, some voltage mods and boom with the score of 11394 in 3DMark fire strike extreme preset.

Kingpin Overclocker

Specs of His Rig:

  • EVGA Nvidia GTX Titan
  • EVGA x79 + 3930k
  • GSkill Trident X
  • F1 Gemini and TEK Fat LN2 units
  • EVGA NEX 1500w

His Records for Quad Sli at the time of writing:

  • Number 1 ranking for Quad Sli Titan for 3DMark 11 Performance preset
  • First at 3DMark Vantage performance and 3DMark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme

His Records for Single Card at time of writing:

  • Number 1 ranking in Unigine Heaven Xtreme preset, 3DMark performance preset, 3DMark Vantage Performance preset, 3DMark 03, 3DMark Firestrike and 3DMark Extreme preset.

Talking about Overclocking leaderboards, GTX Titan clutches its way up to the top in benchmarking but the unbelievable record of Kingpin is not an easy task to break, lets see how enthusiast participate in this rally and what score they strive. Anything can happen in the realm of GPU(S).


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