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Laptop Battery Drains While off Fix

So you were doing some work on your laptop and for some reason you had to go out for a while, you decided to close the lid and go out but when you returned things were not the same as you left. You noticed laptop is not turning on because its battery is very low but how that possibly could happen you turned off the laptop still battery drained to 0 percent? Today I’ll be writing some methods to fix Laptop Battery Drains While Off.

Laptop Battery Drains While off

This is How you Fix Laptop Battery Drains While off Effectively:

  1. Check your settings! Go to power management settings in power option, change the default behavior when you close the lid to shut down. It should be sleep by default but I prefer shutdown as it saves battery. You might also want to check settings that your laptop may be hibernating or sleeping rather than shutting down. And if you have Intel graphics try this; go to Intel HD Graphics control panel chose battery option and make all options like Panel Self-Refresh disabled.
  2. Calibrate your battery! Even you give your laptop a fair treatment still the battery will be going to decrease on health over time, actually there is a built in power meter which estimates amount of juice left and how much time it will survive. There was a myth about fully discharging batteries and then charging it will increase its life but actually don’t do it all the time. There must be a portion of battery left while plugging it again for charging that will beneficial for battery’s health. But the problem is with battery meter which gets confused that how much life is left. In order to calibrate the meter you must fully charge your laptops battery and use it till it goes all the way down to zero percent, keep it off for 5 minutes and then charge it again to 100 percent this will fix the battery meter. Do it after every month or two you’ll notice great improvement.

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