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Laptop Battery Explosion Mythbusters, Are they real?

We love portability and whats good than having a fully functional computer on your lap? Laptops are one of the best friend people have in their lives but there are myths about them as well and trust me you might consider your laptop as an enemy after reading this myth, Read it below in Laptop Battery Explosion Mythbusters article.

 Laptop Battery Explosion Mythbusters

Laptop Battery Explosion Mythbusters:

It is true that lithium battery we use in our daily electronic devices expands and at some point it might break the casing open, but some people suggest that this lithium battery can become lethal also because it have capability to explode. Scientists claimed that they have made batteries in which liquid electrolyte can be replaced by non-flammable polymer. The only problem remains is the charge time which is comparatively very low. Almost every electronic device we use have lots of capacitors in it which follows the same trend of expanding like lithium battery. Battery or capacitors don’t expand under normal circumstances they only go crazy due to faulty manufacturing or non-ideal use of the device. But we still want the answer to question does the batteries really explode? If it is true then we putting grenades on our laps because a little battery explosion can light up the whole laptop and eventually kill every single person on universe. Well, I got too sadistic but I’m pretty sure a little explosion in your laptop is enough to harm you really bad if you have reaction time equal to a sloth.

Someone has done It, Here is what happens when battery explode:

There is a Youtube video on this topic, but they intentionally made the scenario appropriate for explosion of a laptop battery. According to video initial stage of explosion might not hurt you, but if you are lazy enough you can get decent amount of damage and in worst case scenario you will die along with burning your whole house. Let’s keep the reaction on side and deep digger, a laptop battery have 3-5 cells if any one of them explodes eventually all the cells will do the same in a chain reaction. Fire will lit up and beware you are dealing with mixture of electrically and chemically ignited fire so it might be way hotter and dangerous than you think.

So throw your laptop away? Maybe:

To be honest there is very little science in this topic major percentage of exploding batteries and killing whole universe is a myth. So if I were you, I’d love to have my laptop on my lap, bed or anywhere I want. Just care a little, Replace old batteries when they die and be precautious about temperature of your laptop just in case.

But trust me under normal circumstances you won’t die of exploding laptop!


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