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Medal Of Honor European Assault Cheats Gamescube

In this Article I will write down the method how to enable cheat mode in game along with some of the cheats, Medal Of Honor European Assault is a good game if you are a casual player who just want to enjoy the story use cheats it will make the game very easy. Or if you just want to have fun cheats are good things to kill some time, Read Some Basic cheats and how to activate them in Medal of Honor European Assault Cheats Gamescube below.

Medal of Honor European Assault Cheats Gamescube

Medal of Honor European Assault Cheats Gamescube:

How to enable cheat mode:

First of all pause the game then you need to hold down L+R and press the following buttons in sequence: up, Y(2), B, Up, A. Once you have completed these steps a pop up will come stating “Enter The Cheat”.

Here are some cheats:

  • Invincibility: Press the B, Y, Right, A, Z, R If you have entered the code correctly game will resume automatically, you will get low in health but you won’t die on low health. This code must be re-entered after every level and one thing you may need to note down is that you will still die from your own RPG or grenade.
  • Infinite Ammo: Z, R, Up, X, B, A This cheat code is very handy and makes gameplay bit easier.
  • Adrenaline meter: X, L, B, Z, L, Y this will full your adrenaline meter to max level.
  • Killing Nemesis: L, Y, L, Z, L, Z by this code will nemesis target will be killed automatically in mission.
  • Disable HUD: A, Y, Right, A, Z, B
  • OSS Document cheat: Left, Y, B, A, Down, B.
  • Disable Shellshock: Z, R, X, Y(2), L.

Some cheats must be entered twice to de-activate, there is a very simple trick to know if your cheat is working or not. The game will resume automatically after correct submission of cheat and remember to enter invincibility cheat after every level.


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