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Medal of Honor Frontline Remastered Review

Medal of Honor was originally released for PS2 in 2002 which is a story set somewhere in Afghanistan and story is being told by some group of characters. With no doubt the original game was excellent in terms of story and visuals back then but EA wanted this title with improved graphics and on new PS3 but things were not so good as it was expected by players, hold your position soldiers because I’ll be doing a short Medal Of Honor Frontline Remastered Review.

Medal of Honor Frontline Remastered Review

Medal of Honor Frontline Remastered Review:

God of war series was the perfect example that how good old games can be rescaled to crispy 720p of PS3 and it was really worth playing on PS3 but word “Remastered” doesn’t suits fit for the Medal of Honor, according to me it’s not worth to play for many reasons in very simple words Frontline just don’t translate well to PS3, there are almost no visual enhancements in the game. The only difference you can write down is of capability to render the game in progressive scan which Xbox and GameCube already did anyway. Audio and graphics are just untouched by developers, Audio holds really well as compared to same visuals like PS2, polygon counts are really low, textures are still dull and low quality simply the game is way too ugly for present generation gaming and specially for something like “Remastered” game. Game just not display well on widescreens , aspect ratio is screwed up by default and everything looks fat and thick, players can manually override the display for correct proportion in widescreens but it causes black bars at left and right. Controls are better than previous(original) version, in the starting players are offered to select a layout for new fps joypads. There are legacy controls present in the game but they work pretty horrible for today’s FPS games. Original game was very old and hardware of PS2 was much inferior, so it’s an easy task to maximize performance for PS2 games on PS3 like God of War sustained solid 720p with 60 FPS. Medal of Honor is very less taxing as compared to God of War but laziness of developers screwed the performance part also , game is simply not locked near 60 fps sometimes it may go to 50’s but usually FPS remain low and there is very noticeable amount of tearing in the game. I think it’s enough to make you guys believe that Medal of Honor Frontline Remastered is not worthy at all.


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