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Metro Last Light Redux Achievement Guide. How to unlock Achievements?

Metro Last Light Redux is a single player first-person shooting game based post-apocalyptic survival and horror based elements, this game uses Moscow as a post- apocalyptic environment containing dangerous areas full of radiations and pretty bad looking creatures. Game have a very long list of achievements which you can acquire during the gameplay, I’ll be writing down how to get some of the achievements unlocked here is the Metro Last Light Redux Achievement Guide :

Metro Last Light Redux Achievement Guide

A Simple Metro Last Light Redux Achievement Guide:

Who goes there?

When you have your gas mask on press the “G” button to wipe it out, do it 20 times.


Drinking at almost every occasion will unlock this achievement.


For this achievement you need to unlock all weapons and kill at least one enemy with all of the weapons, mounted turrets don’t count.

Spartan Playthrough:

This playthrough requires all kill based and weapons achievements already unlocked and those achievements that does not require stealth gameplay as well.

Spartan 2033

You’ll get this once you have completed the game in Spartan mode.

Air Bender

Killing 50 humans with pneumatic weapons will unlock this achievement, you can use Tikhar, Helsing and Hellbreath.


Killing 100 enemies with nothing but revolver will get you through this achievement, this will be a messy thing to do.


This one can’t be skipped because it’s related to story, blowing up the tunnel and airlock at cursed station will unlock this achievement.

Fire in the hole

This one may sound easy and fun fact it is, just kill 20 lurkers.


Murdering 30 enemies with flame grenades will get you through this achievement.


Killing 100 enemies with shotguns will unlock it.

Heavy Reader

This one is you really want to do, just kill a damn librarian.

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