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Minecraft pocket edition duplication glitch 0.5.0 android

Minecraft is one of the most popular survival and creative game created by Mojang, which has gained enough fame that it does not require any sort of introduction. The thing which really makes it so special are the number of possibilities and stuff a player can do in a game, the more creative you are the more fun and better it will get. You want to build a whole city go ahead with your restless night but I’m surely telling you, it is POSSIBLE.


Minecraft pocket edition duplication glitch 0.5.0 android
The idea was pretty simple game with blocky graphics based on randomly created maps with no other sorcery than pure math.

Minecraft pocket edition duplication glitch 0.5.0 android:

Well that’s enough for the introductory start let’s get in to the real business, collecting Minecraft resources in vast number gets really hard sometime and takes a long time, so if you are in hurry in making space station made with diamonds or gold blocks or whatever the reason is, this glitch might be quite handy for you it has been tested and confirmed in version 0.5.0 it will make u rich in no time. The glitch works on both iOS and Android devices the very first way of doing that is as follows:

The Single Device Method

⦁ Launch the application and stand wherever you want having items to be duplicated in your inventory.
⦁ Now place diamond or whatever blocks anywhere near you by single tapping the screen.
⦁ Now press the home button, which will bring to your homescreen on your device (Android/IOS), by appropriate method of your device clear the app from recent apps.
⦁ Launch the game again and login to your map, you will notice the blocks present where you placed it as well they are present in your inventory.
⦁ Do it as many times you like, and enjoy the glitch.

Two Devices Method

⦁ Launch the application as usual and likewise stand anywhere with items to be duplicated in your inventory.
⦁ Place a chest near you and place items to be duplicated in it, open the chest on both of your devices.
⦁ Tap and hold the item on both devices at same time.
⦁ You will notice items magically duplicated, holding at same time is little tricky sometimes but with few tries it will work like charm.
⦁ Enjoy your precious diamond blocks.

Note: This Minecraft PE glitch was tested on 0.5.0 version, don’t know if it works or has been fixed in latest updates.


Ghulam Sabar Hussain Ijaz

Despite being lawyer and a government employer Sabar has a great interest in technology and Gaming. He doesn’t care about which platform he is using unless it disturbs his gaming.

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