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Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 hall of fame Firestrike

Every month or two a new GPU is introduced to market in present era and different enthusiasts from different part of the world gets involved to check out the new tech. There are various methods to stress out graphic cards and among them benchmarking is most famous. Market is full of benchmarking tools but none compares to functionality of 3DMark’s benchmarking. Firestrike is one of the most demanding highly customizable benchmarking app which is capable enough to squeeze out every bit of power from the GPU. A record has been set by GTX 980 ti for Firestrike by a very famous person once again, read it below in Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 hall of fame Firestrike.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 hall of fame Firestrike

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 hall of fame Firestrike:

Benchmarking tools literally tells that how powerful your hardware is in term of numeric scores, people try to achieve highest scores as possible by using different techniques but nothing works better than overclocking. There are many enthusiasts out there but no one is as popular as the might Kingpin overclocker. He has been setting new records for very long time and no one can managed to beat him till now, his overclocking methods are just insane. He used 4x 980ti in SLI to make it to first position in hall of fame for Firestrike preset, here is what he used to achieve top position in hall of fame list:

  • Intel Core i7-5960x
  • EVGA international motherboard
  • EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 980ti K|ngp|n (4X in SLI)
  • CPU clockspeed: 3000MHz
  • CPU cores: 8
  • CPU manufacturing: 22nm
  • GPU memory: 6144mb
  • GPU core clock: 1905MHz
  • GPU memory clock: 2103 MHz

Using the above components he was able to match up very high clock speeds and memory clocks, Kingpin managed to achieve amazing score of 44717.

overclocking is a difficult and risky task especially when you are trying to compete against thousands of overclockers, never try to overdo it otherwise you might suffer and loose your hardware.


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