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How to resolve GTX 980 Windows 10 crashing problem

I have been using AMD GPUs since long time not because I’m a fan or something but it always scaled perfect on my budget and performance demand, I used to have different kind of issues on my PC but GPU related problems were comparatively low. Windows 10 came out I was the one who upgraded as soon it was available to download on my Windows 8.1, I really liked it no matter what others think. Eventually I replaced my GPU with GTX 980 and I was very pleased with the performance but later on it started to crash my windows or sometimes drivers might stop working. I got frustrated searched on internet and after doing some simple steps my problem was gone. Today I’ll be writing down How to resolve GTX 980 Windows 10 crashing problem with simple and easy steps.

GTX 980 Windows 10 crashing

GTX 980 Windows 10 crashing Problem:

Now let’s dig more about the problem I was having, I’m a gamer and I really love to spend my most time on PC as usual I was playing Dota 2 Ranked match. Then the suffering started! Suddenly during a team fight my screen went black for a while, display came back with an error screen which stayed there for some seconds and my PC rebooted. I was unsure what actually happened when my Windows booted up a pop up came right into my face from taskbar saying that Nvidia drivers stopped working. I tried to re-install drivers quickly because I was so afraid to get into low priority pool in Dota 2, after some time I launched the game again and was able to make up just in time. After 15 minutes my windows crashed again and rebooted. I was all red! I booted up windows again and launched Dota but it was no use, I just abandoned the game and downloaded latest drivers and installed them again but it didn’t fixed my problem. I searched over all the internet and tried few things which solved my problem, if anyone from you is having same problem as mine read the steps given below, I don’t know which one of them worked for me.

What I did:

  • Uninstalled the Drivers completely and making sure there was no Nvidia program installed.
  • Updated my Windows 10.
  • Downloaded drivers manually from Nvidia’s website by selecting my GPU and OS.
  • Used CCleaner to fix registries and delete useless files.
  • Clean installed drivers again.
  • Rebooted PC.
  • Went to Bios settings of my PC and restored Default settings.
  • Done, My PC was at good condition again and I’ve already completed those low priority matches.

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