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Thermaltake Chaser A21 Mesh Gaming Case Review

Computer cases are one of the major components that really matters because all your precious stuff gets stuffed inside this box and for maximizing the true power of your hardware there must be adequate air flow and all the components must be patched up in a good manner, I tried Thermaltake Chaser A21 Mesh Gaming Case few months back and I’ll write down my experience with it down below, here is my Thermaltake Chaser A21 Mesh Gaming Case Review:

Thermaltake Chaser A21 Mesh Gaming Case Review


Thermaltake Chaser A21 Mesh Gaming Case, a short review:

I wanted a case for my office rig so I can put my bunch of hard drives and do my work and some playing at free time in style but it doesn’t turned out pretty well, I’m kind of disappointed with my experience with this gaming case. Discussing every feature in detail will take too long to explain my experience instead Ill write some Pros and Cons that I noticed during my use.


  • Case is very light weight and built pretty decent, I thought it may not end up well but the case is pretty durable as I noticed.
  • The mount power bay at bottom was capable to hold my Raidmax 600Af, so it’s a good thing.
  • Case fans support is really good, you can mount multiple fans in this case.
  • Side-Panels and drive bays are tool-less.
  • There is a port for USB 3.0 at front.


  • I ran +12v power connectors across the motherboard for bottom mount power supply, which is not a good idea.
  • You can only mount single 1×2.5” drive at the bottom by default for more you have to buy adapters.
  • Case can support multiple fans but it only comes with a single fan within the box, which I didn’t like.
  • Cable clips in the case are way too slim which collapse easily.

It’s a $60 case and with some shipping taxes price becomes pretty high for a case, there are many cases available at the same price which does all the job better and in better design after all I don’t know if my motherboard “TA970 ATX” wasn’t good enough or case isn’t fulfilling my requirements. For me it didn’t turn out really well, If you want to try it go ahead and if you have same motherboard as mine trust me you might deal some problems.


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