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Tomb Raider Endurance Mode Review. Feels difficult?

I really love to play Tomb Raider, it always satisfies my thirst for adventure I’ve completed the story in max difficulty and it was crazy fun and full of challenges. Publishers also released a DLC named as “Endurance Mode” which adds several hours of gameplay and much more, buckle up guys for my Tomb Raider Endurance Mode Review.

Tomb Raider Endurance Mode Review

Tomb Raider Endurance Mode Review:

This DLC “Endurance mode” is not that deep in the story which sometimes become the reason why it is unfamiliar to many of you guys, this DLC sets our protagonist Lara apart from her main travel for search of some weird artifacts, the objective is pretty linear to locate caves and explore them for wanted artifacts and grab other goodies as much as you can. At the end signal your team helicopter and escape the place, but there is something more which makes this artifact exploration fun which is food and warmth meter. Every support item you pick or animal you kill makes sense now, whenever your hunger meter runs low grab some berries or hunt some animals to survive. Developers actually made some sort of core gameplay improvement by this DLC making it bit more realistic, and like any true adventure or escape plan you may need some resources to light up the signal for your helicopter and trust me you might fail performing a perfect escape on some missions. Ammo is another crucial factor you should be worried about almost every bullet counts and caves are not that simple to explore there are threats and traps which might prove lethal at any stage. Still you might want to look around because there are many rewards and weapons hidden somewhere deep and there is lot more in this new Tomb Raider Endurance mode DLC.

Many people think this DLC is hard and many are satisfied with Lara’s hardcore mode, it’s on you if you loved the previous expeditions and want to try some more just grab the DLC otherwise don’t.


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