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Watch Dogs 2 free Giveaway To The Best Hackers by Ubisoft

Hacking! Everyone’s dream right? Ubisoft gave us a Good game with hacking jobs as Watch Dogs. It’s sequel Watch Dogs 2 is about to release soon. Major League Hacking has partnered with Ubisoft which makes serious sense as both Watch Dogs and Major League Hacking are all about hacking. They are holding a competition whose winner gets free copy Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2

Free Watch Dogs 2 for The Best Hackers

MLH is an organization that holds hacking competitions. But this year the competition are quite different. In every competition, each member of the winning team will get a free copy of Watch Dogs  2.

We are very excited to announce that for the Fall 2016 semester in North America

Watch Dogs hacking includes hacking with mobile breaking into security and stuff but this competition isn’t about that. IT’s about promoting cybercity, about how easily you could get into others devices and how you could fix it. The team which submits the best project about how could the daily life cyber security could be compromised will win.

There is also going to be CTF game where the students will be asked to find ways to get into a simulated environment and find vulnerabilities in it. The main concern is to motivate people about finding flaws in their own system and  fix them. Plus the winner will also get to meet the devs at the event.

With dogs game director Jonathan Morin said in a Q/A session on twitter that the game will provide a great environment to the players to attack with technology and will offer unique gameplay experience in specific missions and side missions too. The game will release on  November for PC Xbox and PS4 this year.

You can go here to check your nearest hackathon events

Genius move by Major League Hacking and Ubisoft isn’t it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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